Posted 14.06.2018

Window repairs for Listed Buildings

We can provide windows that are suitable for listed properties and match the original style – find out more

Altering windows of a listed property can be a tricky task, with strict regulations to adhere to when it comes to any kind of alterations for these protected buildings – so how can you go about finding the windows that are perfect for you, whilst also being suitable for the building?

That’s where we can help. Church & Gooderham specialise in providing windows which not only adhere to regulations, but look good and match the original style as well.

Window Specialists

At Church and Gooderham, hand-crafted windows are one of our specialities. Our joiners boast experience in both traditional and contemporary works, and this experience is invaluable in creating perfect windows for listed properties.

Listed properties

As you likely already know, listed properties are buildings or structures that have been judged to have a significant national importance in terms of architectural or historical interest. These properties will be on the List of buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest register, and any work done on these buildings requires the proper consent.

If you’ve got the required consent, you can also rest assured that any windows we craft and work we carry out will be within what is allowed for the listed building.

Matching the Original Style

As well as being suitable for a listed building, our specialists will carry out bespoke work to ensure that your new windows match the style of the building – there’ll be no awkward, unappealing looking windows which detract from the building’s look.

Church & Gooderham

If you’ve obtained the necessary consent and are now require new windows for your listed property, then we’re here to help. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen will hand craft a bespoke window especially for your property, seamlessly fitting in with the property and adhering to the requirements of the listed buildings register. Get in touch with our team today to arrange an initial consultation.