Posted 05.10.2017

4 Reasons You Should Upgrade to a Bespoke Front Door

When it comes to building a beautiful home, it’s the little things that make the biggest impact. Anybody can buy a fancy sofa or fill a kitchen with futuristic appliances. It’s not the size of the television or the grandeur of the dining table that take a house from decent to dreamy.

It’s the attention to detail and the care you put into bits and pieces that others might not think about. This is why investing in made to measure doors is such a good idea for Suffolk homeowners who are passionate about their houses.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of bespoke doors and how they can transform the entrance to your home.

A Beautiful Entryway

The most obvious and immediate benefit is a more stylised entryway to your home, though there are plenty of practical perks too. Appearance is important. The front door is the first part of your house that guests and visitors get to see.

It has a big impact on how welcome they feel. In fact, there’s even a name for this kind of added value. It’s called ‘kerbside appeal, ’ and property experts make it a focal point when trying to sell houses. Ultimately, custom doors make a big impression for all the right reasons.

Increased Security

Around 72% of burglaries happen because an intruder enters through a front or back door. So, these areas are still the most vulnerable parts of a home. It makes sense, then, to spend a little more for the best quality frames and panels available.

Made to measure doors are constructed out of the finest materials. They provide a perfect fit for the property. As the dimensions are always flawless, you can depend upon a bespoke door to offer maximum security. Strong hinges and locks are a big part of keeping your home safe.

Energy Conservation

Such a snug, flawless fit also makes it easier to conserve energy. Homeowners across Suffolk can save money on their utility bills if they invest in made to measure frames. These doors are fully insulated and come with draught strips and weather seals to keep heat inside.

It works the opposite way around too. High quality doors trap heat on the outside during the summer and help you to use less energy on air conditioning. Combine them with other sustainability features like loft insulation and solar panels to create a clean, green household.

So Much Variety

When you go ‘custom,’ there are no real restrictions on design apart from the size of your budget. If you want to save cash, stick with styles that contain minimal amounts of glass or no glass at all. Decorative glass panels look very beautiful, but they can be pricey to create.

The choice of material will have an impact on price, but there are plenty of options. The advice is to choose a very strong wood because it provides strength without compromising on aesthetic. You can add layers of steel or fibreglass for extra toughness and insulation.

Where to Look for a Great Local Provider

It’s best to work with a local vendor because the response times are much faster. You’re guaranteed a quick installation and, if anything goes wrong with your order, they’re within easy reach. Fortunately, Church & Gooderham have a fantastic joinery service in Suffolk.

Bespoke services give you a chance to work closely with designers and create something that is unique to your home. So, if you’ve got a passion for beautiful, custom products, made to measure doors might be the right choice.

If you would like to know more about custom doors or bespoke joinery services, click here to visit Church and Gooderham. Or, call 01728 685500 to speak to the Suffolk team and request a cost estimate for your home.