Posted 22.05.2018

Benefits of wooden windows compared to UPVC

UPVC is often a go to choice for new windows, because they offer the standard benefits that we’ve come to expect from windows. Wooden windows are then sometimes overlooked – but what are the extra advantages of wood over UPVC?


Although UPVC windows do offer some benefits, it’s often the case that wooden windows themselves feature these same benefits, along with some extras. UPVC is the inexpensive plastic that is found in white window frames in homes across the country. Although it offers great insulation, requires little care, and tends to cost less than wood, uPVC actually has a much shorter shelf life than wood, being significantly weaker, and therefore doesn’t add as much value to the property as wooden windows do.

Extra benefits of wood

As well as also offering great insulation and not requiring too much maintenance, wooden windows also offer extra advantage. The most noticeable of these is the appearance; wooden window frames are much more aesthetically pleasing than the white plastic of uPVC frames, with wooden windows giving a house a look of warmth and character. Each piece of wood is different, ensuring that every window frame is unique. Sturdily constructed and long lasting, wooden window frames will also add a lot more value to your property than any other material.

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