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About Church & Gooderham

A small, distinguished team of craftsmen with fine skills

Church & Gooderham is a bespoke joinery business in the heart of Suffolk, established by expert craftsman, Marcus Church. Having worked as a joiner for many years, Marcus is highly experienced in producing bespoke joinery, and formed the business to fulfil his passion for purpose-built, made-to-order joinery.

Church & Gooderham are part of the CQMS safety scheme, ensuring all work is carried out following the latest health and safety regulations.

Everything at Church & Gooderham is centred around your needs, made entirely to your project requirements. Marcus goes to the greatest of lengths to deliver exactly what you’re looking for; using a winning combination of traditional and contemporary joinery methods to deliver a personalised solution of the finest quality for your home or business.

Church & Gooderham are also established members of the British Woodworking Foundation, the Federation of Master Builders and Accoya.

We never started our business to provide modular units and mass-produced homewares for customers. We’re passionate about purpose-built joinery that’s hand-made right here in our workshop by joiners of the finest skill. Marcus originally started out as a conventional joiner, but his experience now spans both traditional and contemporary designs, working with wood, metals, glass and even the latest resins and plastics, giving customers the ability to choose the right materials to suit their taste best.

At Church & Gooderham our expertly-honed skills and craftsmanship have helped create some fantastic bespoke joinery solutions over the years. Even now, we firmly believe nothing matches the natural beauty of wood. We’re a small but distinguished team that loves what we do. If you live in Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire or Essex and you’re seeking a personalised joinery solution to enhance the enjoyment of your home, we can hand-craft the character and personality you crave.